You could not understand why

There was no one there that could hear you cry

You didn’t know I could feel each tear that burned you

You thought needing help was a sin

So you refused to let anyone in

While I screamed to God to show me what to do


You used to be so full of song

Then you found your music had long since gone

The silence crept upon you without warning

It left you very far from home

On a path you thought you must walk alone

With no one there to help you find the morning


For too many years late in life

After your darkness had eaten the light

And the nightmares pushed away reality

Locked away in your broken shell

Where you battled with demons from your hell

And struggled to find a way to be set free


I watched the spark fade from your eyes

Till your mask of life fell, without surprise

Still it left me with a heart cold and broken

I lost you in this life that’s true

I don’t know how to say goodbye to you

I’m sorry for all the words I left unspoken

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