Goodbye America

Politicians say they made America Great again

They put us back on top where we belong

Both sides say that they are right

But both side know that they are wrong

It’s always a one sided conversation

Theirs’s no one up there listening to us

If their lips are moving, then they are lying

There’s no one left that we can trust

So look deeper into their story my friends

And you will learn the faithful truth

That drugs, death and violence

Are still taking away our youth

500 Thousand Americans

Are still living helpless on the streets

But don’t worry, politicians have the answer

They’ll just send out another vicious tweet

Abortions, pollution, over population and gun control

Student debt, civil rights and gender equality

Hell, we’ve been crying about the high cost of living

Since way back in 1973

Our parents are forced out of their homes

All hope of their dignity is lost

Because Social Security barely pays the bills

Let alone their outrageous healthcare costs

So while the world is falling apart

What is it that our leaders do

Sit around with their heads stuck up their ass

Looking for a better way to screw me and you

You know that I don’t really give a damn

About some meaningless trumped up wall

But if it helps us then give it to the man

Trying something is better than nothing at all

Because we’re just moving in a circle

And we’re getting nowhere fast

America’s running out of time

And our country cannot last

By the time our children’s children

Are called upon to take the floor

They will walk in our footsteps of ignorance

Because we will have taught them nothing more

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