Your Daily Fortune Cookie 1/21/2019

Changes may hurt but they are usually for the better

Life is filled with little changes that alter our direction every day.  Many of them pass by so quickly that we barely noticed. Like when you find out that your wife switched from Downey to Snuggle in the laundry two months ago. But others have a greater impact on our way of living. We call these changes ‘Life altering’. “Hey honey, Shopko just filed for bankruptcy and I may not have a job next month.”

No matter if the change is small or HUGE, it is inevitable. So embrace them with gusto and follow the new path towards the future, “That’s okay, I’ve been wanting to have time to write that book anyway. And by the way, my clothes have been smelling so much fresher lately.”

Hugs to all.

Love and Peace

The Backyard Poet

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