Your Daily Fortune Cookie 1/23/2019

“You must learn to overcome distractions to achieve success.”

Thanks to my brilliant children, I consider myself a fairly technologically savvy old geezer. With a simple utterance of “Hey Google, show me cute puppy videos” my world is filled with hours of mindless entertainment. I do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked-In about as well as any old fashioned Neanderthal. So with all this modern day technology at my fingertips you would think that my need for paper and pen would be overcome. Not true. For me, all this technology represents the one thing that destroys my creativity. ‘DISTRACTIONS’.

Maybe it’s the fact that a pen or a pencil can only do one thing and that is to transfer my thoughts to paper. There are no puppies sliding down a snow covered hill videos, what is the weather like in Outer Mongolia, share this photo of some money and God will send it to you, or “I’m just done with it all” posts meant to pull me away from my tasks. There is just me, the pen and a clean sheet of paper. Nothing creates inspiration more than a sharp #2 pencil or a fine point red stick pen. Or maybe it’s just that my addled old brain gets so easily sidetracked by shiny baubles that…oooh look at that cute little kitten playing the piano….

I’ve got to go check it out

Love and Peace to all

The Backyard Poet

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