Your Daily Fortune Cookie 1/25/2019

‘Rest is a good thing but boredom is its evil brother”

Rest; we all need it. A good night’s sleep can fill up our energy tanks and send us off to face a brave new world all bubbly and inspired. (Or is that coffee?)

But boredom is something quite different. It can make people drink too much, start extra-marital affairs, rob gas stations, deface property and even make us fat. Where rest gives us energy, boredom sucks it away. The root of all evil is not money, but boredom.

So keep your mind occupied: read a book, go for a walk, call a friend or learn how to play the guitar. Or as my son says, “become the pharaoh of the world.” Whatever it is, set a goal and keep working toward it.

Love and Peace

The Backyard Poet

2 thoughts on “Your Daily Fortune Cookie 1/25/2019

  1. good advice, the start of the year is hard especially when the weather is gloomy and restrictive, it does lead to boredom. it is also consistency, we need to keep at it especially when we feel the evil callings. good post Jerry and so lovely to see you writing again. have missed your words.

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