Sharing is Not Always a Good Thing.

So…one of the side effects of cashiering in the retail environment  is that we get to meet thousands of people every day. In the time allowed, we share little snippets of their lives. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry. It’s creative inspiration for a self proclaimed poet.  But the two things we share the most, is we exchange money and we breath the same air they breath.

There are trillions of germs floating around a retail store at any given minute and no amount of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray is going to combat it all. You give me a germ infested Twenty, I give you a germ infested Ten and some equally germ infested change and at some point, the relentless attack is going to break through our defenses. And naturally, being the loving spouse that I am, I bring them home to share them with Mrs. B. So it’s little wonder that we’ve spent the last three days in a fever induced stupor binge watching Madam Secretary on Netflix.






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