Fiction at the Speed of Light

In the high speed world of social media blogs, the quality of our poetry, fiction and even the full length novel is forced to take a backseat to sheer quantity. Even the best literary work can only demand the attention of the masses for a miniscule amount of time. It’s not that our readers have short attention spans. It’s the pure amount of information that bombards them every day.

As an author my only hope is that someone will read a piece of my work and enter a Google search to see what else might be worth reading. If they like what they find then perhaps they’ll share their knowledge with a few friends. Without a large volume of work put out into the digital world, I won’t stand much of a chance.

So this is why I write flash fiction. Not because I’m fat and lazy, with the attention span of a four year old. Not to mention that my typing ability only involves the index fingers on both hands, and sometimes you’ll find them swinging around in circles trying to remember where the comma key moved to. Plus, it’s a good way to reduce the unfinished project pile.

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