The Future of Retail – A 100 Word Story

“Hello Mr. Brotherton, welcome to our store,” has been replaced by “Please make a selection from the following menu.”

Instead of feeling the fabric, checking to see how easily it wrinkles and finally taking it to the fitting room. I get, click here to add to your cart.

What once was, “That color looks good on you, have you seen these shirts, they’re on sale today.” Became, continue to checkout.

“Thank you for shopping, have a nice day,” is now, your order has been confirmed.

Soon it will be, we’ll send you what we want, just go back to sleep

4 thoughts on “The Future of Retail – A 100 Word Story

  1. Jerry, I do like your post. It points with humour and seriousness to the ever
    diminishing interaction between people in daily life.
    Personally I do prefer going to a restaurant and choose from a menu, or going
    somewhere where you can feel the material and see if the colours fit you…

    Some items are good for buying on line but not all … in my humble opinion. 😊.

    Well, it does not even say …Have a good day now.


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    1. Thanks, I agree with you. Sizes in clothes vary so much by manufacturer nowadays. I saw a post where they put seven pairs of jeans on top of each other and some of the pants were a good two inches smaller than the others. The retail chain I work for is closing its doors. 18000 unemployed in their decision.


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