My monthly Recap April, 2019

I apologize for being a little late for this post but it has been unbelievably stressful these last few weeks.  I swear that I just looked out the window to see April 30th looking back at me and now, just a few days later, it’s already May 15th

Let me start off by saying that I really would like to just wrap April 2019 up in a worn out blanket, beat it a few times a baseball bat, kick it twice just for good measure and stuff it in the dumpster. As you can tell, not my favorite month.

Sure, it started out pleasant enough with our daily high temperatures ranging in the upper 40’s to mid 60’s. Fair enough for Montana. But by the end of the month, winter had decided it was far from dead and graced us with low temperatures that hovered around the 20’s and Ankle deep snow. Another foot more along the mountain passes.

Meanwhile 18000 Shopko teammates are frantically trying to recover from the chaos of liquidation. For those not in the know, Shopko is the retail chain I work for. In late March, they closed two thirds of their stores. While our hearts were heavy with the sorrow of those losing their jobs, a huge sigh of relief could be heard in our breakroom as they announced the remaining 120 stores ‘solid and viable with a strong forecast for the future’. But within days, discussions with potential financial backers quickly turned into disaster and the inevitable announcement came that Chapter 11 liquidation was our only option. The hordes of vendors quickly descended upon us and the chaos of liquidation left the burden upon our shoulders to organize it into something that would resemble order.

So it’s a daily struggle explaining to the masses that all sales are final and no that does not mean you can bring it back because it doesn’t fit you or you was wearing it at the park and fell into some dog shit.. Yes there are giant yellow signs all over the store. As a matter of fact, you walked right past 5 of them to get here. True, your Shopko gift cards are no longer valid and yes you did lose your money. It was all over the news on television, in the newspaper and on the radio.

Yes I do care but there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t now, nor have I ever, owned Shopko. So If I didn’t care lady, I would have already slapped the shit out of you for being stupid instead of listening to you throw your tantrum like a tiny baby. So go ahead and call the police, the Fire Department, Social Services, Superman, Dick Tracy or Agent Gibbs from NCIS… you still can’t bring it back. Just saying.


7 thoughts on “My monthly Recap April, 2019

  1. Sorry about your job. I helped close down a Sears here over the holidays, and it was depressing even though I almost never shipped there. I went to Montana in September 2016. You might be interested in the one post I did with no pictures. Too many to choose from. Tha is for following A Dude, by the way? What town are you in? Do you bike? How did you find me?. More importantly, what will you do for work?


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