Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings


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I understand that back in the 50’s when I was but a child, all we had to worry about in school was “Run Jane run.” and did 1+1=2.  By the time we’d finished school, most of us had already been working for a couple years and credit cards were practically non-existent. So we had to take life in little bites or we never got the chance to eat at all.

Yet, in this modern fast paced society we’ve let ‘instant gratification’ become the mantra for, not just the young generation, but for even us old fogies. It seems our attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter as technology pushes us farther into the future.  We’re constantly being bombarded by hundreds of minuscule texts on our phones. The newsfeed on our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fly by us with the speed of light. Hell, most people have already given up on this post and moved on to something else because it’s too long.

I saw a television commercial the other day that told me “I want it all and I want it now.” So it’s little wonder that in the store the other day a mother was telling her 5 year old that she couldn’t have a toy because she didn’t have enough money. The child replied, “You can just put it on a credit card.” These are the lessons we’re teaching our children.

Seriously folks, as you travel through life things like getting married, having kids, buying a new car and a house is a mouthful to have to chew all at once. So let’s not try to cram it in all at once’ just heed ole Aunt Sadie’s advice and take the time to savor the taste of each bite a little before you have to swallow.





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