Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings — 5/23/2019

Aunt Sadie - Hit you in the FaceNow I can tell you, I’ve never been that person that could take a hint. I usually say what I feel and I expect others to do the same. If I have friends over for BBQ or what not, when it’s time to go home I’ll tell ‘em, “Hey guys, old aunt Sadie needs her bed rest if I’m going to make it through another day, so thanks for comin’ over.”

Was a time when I could look a person in the eye and tell if they was speaking the truth. But the world is a different creature now than when I was a young’en. Seems nowadays you have to keep turning your head around and around looking for the punch. So it’s hard to make eye contact. Let’s take that Shopko going out of business thing where I work. Them people in the uppity up places kept on telling us everything was going to be ok. So we believed them. Right up to the time the announcement on the TV news told us we were all fired. Now ain’t that a, (pardon my pig Latin) hell of a way for people to be.

So I guess a better moral to this story is to never trust anyone that you wouldn’t share a slice of rhubarb pie with.

Till next time,

Aunt Sadie

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