Aunt Sadie’s Pondering – Good Deeds

Aunt Sadie - A Few Good Deeds

It wouldn’t take much convincing nowadays for me to just lock the doors and curl up on the couch to watch old reruns of Andy Griffith or Dick Van Dyke all day on TV. Something that reminds me that things used to be better. That there was a time when you helped a stranger on the street change a flat tire or held the door open for someone just because it was the courteous, and right, thing to do.  Where we didn’t expect to get paid for being kind.

But it seems like everywhere you look now, there’s nothing but negativity and everybody hates everybody else. I’m not just talking about politics but about everyday life. Things like trust, compassion and even integrity have vanished like the Dodo bird. It’s enough to make me lose faith in the future of humanity and quite frankly, I was on the edge of doing just that.

Well, on Fridays, we put our trash containers on the side of the road for the city to pick up. I forgot to put mine out this Friday. But when I came home from another grueling day, my barrel was empty. Not only had my neighbor set out the trash but had brought in my can after the trash man had come through. That was just one tiny act, yet it put a smile on my face for days.

In turn, that smile went to work with me and kept on giving. Just to know that there is at least one person in the world that cared enough to do something without wanting anything in return has given me a new faith. So as you’re going about your everyday tasks, don’t forget how big the smallest act of kindness really can be.

Have a joy filled day readers…

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7 thoughts on “Aunt Sadie’s Pondering – Good Deeds

  1. fear holds people back from caring and helping, well in some parts of where I live. crime and acts of terror are making people paranoid and fearful. a good look at life Jerry, as we see it now

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      1. that is such a beautiful thought and idea, everyone just doing their small part, really does make this world a better place. reaching out and bringing someone into a circle of kindness, i love that idea Jerry.

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