Poetry Tuesday — What decade is it anyway…

It seems we have traveled a very long way

Just to end up where we started from

Still taking most from all

And giving it all to some

The incompetent march and all cry foul

They say that soon their time will come


But let me tell you a tale of a long time ago

When the people partied, sang and danced

They all drove their cars to the cities

Just looking for some romance

But all the women they found there

Wouldn’t give them half a chance


The farmers all hated the factories

For putting their women on the job

The white men hated the blacks

They said they were nothing but a mob

The Catholics hated everyone else

While the rule makers just polished their knob


The new women said they knew what was best

That their mothers had it all wrong

The politicians praised how all the people

Worked together to make America strong

It was the poor that wrote the words

But it was the rich who sang the songs


So I ask if any one of us

Will ever know just what to do

In a country where the left says they’re right

But the right says that they are too

And up in the big house around the corner

Lies are touted as the gospel truth



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