Here’s to my father on his day…

Throughout all the dullness and boredom of everyday life you still managed to drag yourself into each day with a crooked smile tilting up one corner of your mouth and a sparkle of mischief in your eyes. Although your hands were calloused from fighting the daily grind and your hat stained with the sweat of hard work, you never faltered or gave up.

When I look back at life, I don’t remember us as being poor. I don’t recall any hardship and strife they tell me I had. I only remember the love you had for music, nature, your wife and all of your children.

It would be a tough task if I had to sum up everything you taught me into one word. Perhaps, love, happiness or confidence, because you gave me all those things.

But the greatest of all your gifts I think is HOPE. You showed me that no matter how dark the night might be, there is always hope for a better morning.

Thank you Dad.

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