A Community Service Announcement!


Here in Montana, the Forest Service has issued a BEAR WARNING in the national forests for this summer. They’re urging everyone to protect themselves by wearing bells and to make sure they carry pepper spray.
“Campers should be alert for signs of fresh bear activity.” says Park Ranger Joe. “They should be able to tell the difference between Black Bear dung and Grizzly Bear dung.”

“Black Bear dung,” he stated, “is rather small and round. Sometimes you can see fruit seeds and/or squirrel fur in it. Grizzly Bear dung has bells in it, and smells like pepper spray!”

Author unknown

18 thoughts on “A Community Service Announcement!

  1. We have black bears here and learnt the lesson of taking down the bird feeders before they are out of hibernation the hard way. . .
    Beautiful black bear hanging over the front deck gate tapping the niger feeder as i stood inside at the full length window 10 feet away!!!!

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