Real Life Friday — My Brother David

He loathes the city with all its bright lights, glitzy neon signs and noise that makes it impossible to think. It seems to demand every second of his attention, always screaming at him, “Focus on me and don’t you dare look away.” Yet, it has never offered him anything in exchange for his obedience, except a headache.

He is an open field of wildflowers, a tree lined ridge, the coolness of a slow moving creek, a dog at his side and a pole in his hand. He needs the softness of grass under his feet. He is a country boy.

10 thoughts on “Real Life Friday — My Brother David

    1. Jerry, you write so beautifully about your brother David, your love shines through.
      I hope he soon can choose the place where he feels home. Meanwhile the city has re-informed the knowledge of that love.


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  1. Recently, I had wax removed from my ear because there was so much that I couldn’t hear anything from that ear.
    Immediately after the removal was complete, I hear the roar I guess, of a furnace fan. Then driving home on the freeway, loud sounds of traffic, my vehicle, – is it working properly? Loud tv when I got home.
    Just for a second, I longed for the peace and quiet I’d become accustomed to.

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