Aunt Sadie’s Wit and Wisdom — Death to the old ways…

So, the other day, Mr. Backyard Poet and his wife were trenched deep in a conversation about the demise of what you call Brick and Mortar retail stores. That’s what they call a place where you have to go into to buy as compared to them places that you just do it on your computer or new smart ass telephones. She was a talking about how she liked to get all feely touchy with things that she bought. And there was kind of a little rouw a going on with some of the youngsters.

So it gets me to thinking as to how hard it probably is for them youngen’s to understand what we’re saying. I mean they have lived their entire lives in a different world than what those of us with a few miles under our belts was brought up in. They aint got no idea about some of the things we enjoyed in the old times. It aint just the retail stores, theys other things that have disappeared. Like Drive-In movie theatres, roller skating rinks, land line telephones, antennae TV, vinyl 45 records, face to face talking and sealing a deal with a good ole handshake. With no proper places to do your sparking, it aint no wonder kids now a days don’t get married any more.

So as to make a long story short, that’s just the way life is. You have to be able to change in order to adapt to new ways of doing things. It was that way with our parents, it is that way now with us and some day it will be that way for the kids. Imagine, someday they might hear, “Geeze grandpa, you mean you actually had to drive to a place to buy your food and then you had to cook it for yourself? What was it like to live in the Stone Age?”

So all we can do is to grasp ahold of what technology we can manage to understand and do our best with it. Cause one thing is certain, change waits for no one.

Till next time friends…

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