A New Lease on Life

This is the table that had been used in my former place of employment to count and process the daily cash deposits. For seven years, I and my fellow Shopko teammates slid money across its now well-worn surface, crawled beneath it to look for that dropped quarter, scattered paper clips or money bands.  It repaid us for our efforts by leaving a few bumps on the back of our heads. Despite its aggressive behavior and for its sentimental value, I purchased it when I left. You would think it might be grateful that I salvaged it from the grubby hands of retail liquidators and repurposed it to help create my ‘unbelievable’ words of wisdom, wit and charm.  But as I was beneath it rewiring my computer, it decided to show its appreciation by promptly thumping me on the back of my head.  I guess maybe that’s its way of saying thanks. So welcome to your new home my friend.

If you were to peer through my lamp lit window in the wee hours of the morning you might find us there, bouncing thoughts off one another amidst a late night bout of inspiration while fighting the battle against sleep.   

So welcome to the first post written with the help of my new companion.

As I tap away at my keyboard, I glance around at all the scratches, nicks and stains on your surface. It makes me wonder what your original cost was; perhaps just a few dollars by some family that has long since outgrown your usefulness as their dining table.  You are ancient, but built in the fashion that all things were in those days. How many bright and shiny new things have come and left again while you stood your vigil? How many millions of dollars have you touched in your lifetime? How many hands have caressed your skin? Oh yes my friend, you are so much more than just a table.

But isn’t that like life? For any given moment we may seem dull and insignificant. But when we begin to add up all those millions of moments that create a lifetime, we can see how spectacular each of us really is.

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