Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings

If the Spirit’s willing and the creek don’t rise…

First thing is, you got to find a way to get up the gumption to get your ass a moving in the right direction. I like to do that by making me a list of what I intend to get done. Then I figure about how long it’s gonna take me to do it. Cause some things is done real easy like. Doing the dishes or sweeping the floor, that kind of thing. But others can take a bit longer. Like planting the garden, doing the washing or canning green beans. Then there are things that take a whole mess of time like it did when I had to train Blue to be a proper hunting dog.

So in order to get my Sprit movin, I set a little prize for myself when it’s done with. The harder the chore, the bigger the prize. Get how it works? Let’s say I finish all the house chores, then I might reward myself with a little bit of apple pie. Bigger jobs like ole Blue took might be worth a new hunting rifle.

Anyway, that’s if the creek don’t rise. That’s just a fancy way of saying, if something gets all messed up. Cause if it’s raining, I sure aint gonna be planting the garden. So just between me and you, if that’s the case, I’ve been known to skip right to the reward. I figure it’s a sign. Kinda like God’s way of telling me to take it easy for a spell.

Till next time friends

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