Real Life Friday

1963 – I’m a big kid now…

Alcatraz Island
John F. Kennedy
The Beatles
Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

Mona Lisa comes to America

Iron Man hits Marvel’s comic strip

Governor Wallace has nothing to say

Freewheelin’ Dylon is who is now hip

Alcatraz finally closes its halls

Prisoners will suffer there no more

The Big Apple’s newspaper strike is over

No one can tell me who won that war

Coke unveils a brand new diet soda

It has everyone screaming for their Tab

Liston you might have taken Patterson

But, Cassius now wants to show you his jab

We must say our goodbyes to Patsy Cline

She will forever remain in our hearts

‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ hit the air

From that, Beatle mania starts

MLK is still holding on to his dreams

As Kennedy’s brains drip from his head

Suddenly the world is not as big as it seemed

The good times we once knew are now dead

But maybe the X-Men or the Avengers

Can show me how not to be afraid

Of all the sadness and all the horror

That comes with entering the first grade

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