The Garden of Life

My Aunt Sadie asked me if she could have a little space in this week’s Sunday Free Form. She insisted that she had something important to tell “all y’all folks”.

So, after my friend from way across the ocean, Derrick Knight, of took me on another fantastic saunter through his lovely garden, a though suddenly pops into my head. Aint it kind of funny how folks will stroll around in the garden and they’ll stop and look at all the different flowers and smell the different smells. They’ll embrace nature in all its conglomerations. Cause all that diversity is what brings them the most enjoyment. It’s sort of like when I’m a walking back up in the hills and come upon a meadow that’s filled with nothing but thistle weeds. Even though they have a pretty flower on top I still think to myself, “Look at all those darned thistle weeds, somebody aught ta pull them out.” But if’n I see a meadow filled with all kinds of wild flowers of different colors and sizes and such, then I think to myself, “What a beautiful place this is.” Even though they’s all still just weeds.

Well, to make a long story short. I took my nieces and nephews up to the Swope Park Zoo last weekend and as we was running around to each of the cages, I start paying attention to all them people stopping and a pointing their fingers and talking about how beautiful this one was or how unique that one was. They was amazed at the wonderfulness that distinguished one animal from the other.

Yet, as we walk along that path that leads us through our lives, we mistrust and even sometimes goes so far as to hate any other person that is not exactly like us.

Now ole Aunt Sadie may be a dreaming now, but could you imagine what a great garden we’d have here on earth, if only we could learn to embrace humanities unique flavors.

Till next time friends…

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