June Update

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

June was filled with transitions for me. Gone are the cool nights and mild days of spring. Instead I find the rising temperatures of summer forcing me to abandon the sun and fun for the more temperate climate of my living room chair. There, I rely on my trusty air conditioning to keep me at a comfortable 72 degrees day and night.  

Also, June 23rd brought an end to my retail career as my place of employment folded into oblivion, leaving me with the transition from worker bee to ‘a gentleman of leisure’. That’s a fancy way to say Shopko kicked us all onto the street so I had to retire. Retirement…strange how that word is perhaps the most sought after thing yet at the same time the most feared thing we old people have to face.

But I don’t mind, since both these things have given me a renewed enthusiasm for blogging. Most of my faithful friends can tell you that I have been on Word Press for two years now. Those same people can also tell you that in that time I have been a piss poor blogger. I will honestly tell you that two years ago I was only looking for a place to show the world that I was the greatest writer of all time. I knew that once I put my first words onto the blogosphere that millions of people would flock to me just to get a chance to glimpse my brilliance.

It didn’t take long (about 25 seconds) for me to realize that there were a great number of people with way more talent and lots more enthusiasm than I possessed. So I needed a little time to step away and examine what it was that I wanted to be when I grew up. Then, life’ little moments just kept pounding at the door for one reason or another. Each one demanding more and more of my attention until ‘the backyard poet’ nearly fell into extinction.

Now I look to my old friends, and a few new ones, for advice and a comfy shoulder to lean on. Surprisingly, the Word Press community has welcomed me back into the fold. But now, my attitude has changed, maybe because of the onset of retirement. But I find that I want to write for the sake of writing and have less worry about likes, comments, reblogs or shares. Though don’t get me wrong, they are greatly appreciated when I do get them. They let me know that someone out there is being entertained.

So with all that said, I would like to acknowledge a few milestones for me. As I said, I have been on Word Press for two years now. On June 28th, I posted my 300th post. I know that to some of you out there, that is only about a month’s worth for you. Those friends that have been blogging for 10 years or more will get a chuckle but to me it was a great win. But maybe a greater triumph for me would be to say that as of June 30th, I have posted at least once a day for 51 straight days. Again, that probably doesn’t seem to be a milestone for most of you but, to me, it means that perhaps my life is finally transitioning into some semblance of sanity.

A Great Big Thank You to all my friends…

2 thoughts on “June Update

  1. You greatly undervalue your contributions to the blogging community, Jerry. I find your blogs, the variety of subjects you cover, and the wit and originality you show, certainly put your creative writing into the top 5% of all that I regularly follow. I wish you a long lived and continuingly productive Retirement.

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