Let’s Get Real People…

I have to admit that I stole the concept for this series from a podcast that I follow titled ‘Brave Words’ on twitch. If you’re in the USA, you can catch them on Friday nights, 8PM Central time at https://twitch.tv/bravewords. The concept of their show is that these three, maybe not so ordinary, guys; Garrif, AxiomXIII and Delson Veinn discuss whatever topics might come to mind. So, in truth, I guess it’s not what they do that I have stolen but the rules that govern them. Besides, they’re my sons so they can’t really sue me.

These are some pretty simple rules that I have adopted to use here at The Backyard Poet:

  1. I need to be willing to fail…a lot. Face it; I’m going to fail at one time or another. It’s all about what I do with that failure that counts. The willingness to learn from it and create something better is the test of true strength.
  2. I need to be willing to be embarrassed in public. Yes, sometimes I will make some real ‘doozies’ when it comes to mistakes. I can take as many cautions and safeguards as I can and still, blunders will slip through the cracks. I must have the courage to laugh at myself and move on.
  3. I have to be courageously tenacious.  I can’t hide away in the corner every time a difficult subject arises. I must step out of the shadows and confront whatever it is that blocks my path. Sometimes the world may not agree with my opinion. Sometimes they might hate me. But I owe it to myself to do my best.
  4. I must always remember that this is just a blog. I can’t let negative comments and feedback control the content of this blog nor what I personally believe.
  5. I must be willing to write about it, even if I know nothing about it. Because igniting the spark of curiosity is how all of us learn.

So welcome to the first installment of …

Let’s Get Real People – Fourth of July

My One hundred and eleventieth birthday will be the greatest celebration ever. I will have fireworks, planes, trains and automobiles. There will be new Sherman tanks… and new Abrams tanks… and battleships, and alien spacecraft will land on the lawn and bow to my greatness. I will give a great speech all about me and it will be very, very great. All the while, I will hold my penis in my hand and that too will be very very great. It will be a glorious day like you’ve never seen before.

Of course everyone, including me, are busy making jokes and laughing at the fact the Sherman tank has not been used by the military since like 1957. 

But wait a minute…

According to political blogger, Mother Jones ( www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2019/07/trump-orders-sherman-tank-reactivated ), while we were all worrying about the Wall and Russian Collusion and all the other nonsense, our master of deception and illusion performed another sleight of hand and ordered the Army to resurrect the Sherman Tank. If this is true, it will be more wool pulled over the eyes of the faithful trumpeters who believe, “He tells it exactly like it is.” If not, even they will have to admit that the man does not even have the mental capacity to comprehend reality.

One thing for certain, July 4th will tell us if he is a liar or just a buffoon. Of course, I don’t have to wait to know that both statements are true.

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