Let’s Get Real People – Charred Trump on a Podium…

This is where all the little trumpeters are telling me that I’m supposed to feel sorry for our Commander in Chief because his teleprompter went on the fritz and he had to adlib sections of his speech. Now granted, there are things that I’m willing to forgive anyone that has the mentality of a 6 year old when he has to face a crowd and there are no words for him to read. A 6 year old might forget that airplanes and airports were not invented before the revolutionary war.  A 6 year old might not know that the declaration of independence was adopted on July 4th but not signed until August 2nd.  A 6 year old might not know the difference between the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. A 6 year old might not know who Frederick Douglass was. Also, to a 6 year old, any crowd larger than a thousand people is often referred to as millions.

But the President of the United States of America and the Commander in Chief of all military branches should know these things. It wasn’t like he was boarding a plane and someone asked him these things out of the blue. How many weeks has he had to prepare for this speech?

I will give him kudos for not whipping out his phone and reading from his favorite book…See Spot Run.

So my friends, if you’re willing to concede the mental capacity of our president, I’m willing to forgive him for yet another example of a man who has no idea of what the hell he’s saying.

Just my two cents worth…

Just my two cents worth…

12 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real People – Charred Trump on a Podium…

  1. I wrote this a couple of years back.

    ← Departure Lounge A Simple Acrostic →
    POTUS Poots Forth Another
    SEP 7

    Posted by Ben Naga

    “Wake up, Pop, you have to meet the press.”
    “What is it this time? Why can’t I just tweet?”
    “This Harvey thing’s too big. You have to meet.
    And be careful not to look like you couldn’t care less.”

    “Why don’t you go, Ivanka, in a slinky low-cut dress?
    Distract ’em. Let your booty take the heat.”
    “But you’ll be on TV, centre stage, comfy seat.”
    “Well in that case … Oh no! Look! My hair’s a mess.”

    Now he’s in make-up sat polishing his schtick
    And figuring out ways he can stroll off with some big money.
    “I’ll have him deported.” “I’ll make Mexico build a big wall.”
    “I’ll nuke him.” “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

    Trouble is while thousands are suffering yer bumpkin’s so thick
    He thinks “this Harvey thing” is an invisible six-foot bunny.


    NOTE Any prurient innuendo or double entendre is fully intentional.

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