Dumb Joke of the Day – The Wedgie…

Wee Willie comes home from Catholic School one day with a black eye. His father takes one look at it and sets him down for a talking to. “Son, how many times have I told you to not get into fights with the other boys at school?”

“But dad,” says Willie. “It wasn’t my fault. You see, we was all saying our prayers and after we finished we all stood up. Well, my teacher was right in front of me and I noticed that her dress had got stuck in the crack of her butt. So I reached over and pulled it out and that’s when she swung around and hit me.”

“Well Willie,” the father said. “Women don’t like it when you do those kinds of things.”

It wasn’t but just a few days later, Willie comes home with the other eye all black and blue. “I thought we had discussed this Willie,” his father said.

“It wasn’t my fault this time either,” Willie sighed.  There we were saying our prayers again and when my teacher stood up, there was her dress stuck in the crack of her butt again. So Johnny, who was sitting next to me saw it and reached over to pull it out. Now I know you told me that women didn’t like it when someone did that kind of thing so I pushed it back in for her.”

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