Aunt Sadie – The way Executive Ordering Works…

Here in the last week, seems like I’ve heard President Trump bandy about (a fancy way of saying the way a rooster sticks out his chest and struts around the yard like he’s the king) as to how he’s just going to issue an executive order for things people won’t say it’s ok for him to do.

So I took to the Google and asked it what was up with these executive orders. Lo and howdy, they was nearly 5 pages of gobbledeegoop explainin all about it and still didn’t really tell me diddly squat. Aint no wonder all them politicians can’t get anything done. Congress is like the Tower of Babel that’s in the Good Book. Nobody can understand what anyone is saying.

So in a nutshell, here’s the way I see it. A law has to go through some fancy rigamarow where a ton of lawyers write it all down using this fancy language designed for nobody to understand. That’s why they can never get anything done properly. Seems like ole ‘Dick the Butcher’ might have been right to begin with. But if’n the president can’t wait for all that heehawing around then he can just say something is going to happen and snip snap, it’s done. Unless he don’t violate any other laws that has already been said.

To make a long story short, it seems like Trump is going to do a lot of executive ordering about. So once again I asked the Google and I found some surprising stuff. It appears that Trump has issued 114 executive orders so far. Whee doggies that sounds like a lot. But the Google tells me that it ain’t so. Seems Obama had 276 and Bill Clinton had 364. But to top them all off, the Great Franklin D Roosevelt did it 3728 time and our beloved ‘Give’um hell Harry 907 times.

Thing is, them other presidents said things that congress agreed with but did’t have time to do themselves. Like when we was smack dab in the middle of the Great War.

Nowadays, when Trump say he’s gonna to do it, it’s after Congress has already told him no. So they’s always some kind of big fight about it.

Till next time friends…

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