Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings – A bowl of cherries

There aint no way of knowing until you bite in to them.

So here’s the deal youngens. We can get on our fangled up google tablet thingies and make plans til we’re blue in the face. We can make preparations until all those spreadsheets and documents and slide shows come falling out our asses. But there comes a time when you just got to quit planning and start doing. There’s a reason we aint all rich and famous. That’s cause nobody can tell what’s going to happen in the future. Although, Norma Claire, my great aunt on my mother’s side was said to have a touch of the black arts running through her blood. But she didn’t see that horse bucking her off onto her head so I guess when it comes right down to it, she couldn’t see the future either.

So like I was saying, just stop diddly squatting around and start acting. You’ll thank me for it one day.

Till next time friends.

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