Now, time for some positive news…

Kroger stores will phase out all of its single use plastic shopping bags. Kroger currently issues about 6 billion plastic bags per year.

McDonalds will join a growing list of restaurants to discontinue the use of plastic straws. Opting instead, to use a more eco-friendly paper straw.

Actor Keanu Reeves once again proved why he is known to be the nicest actor in Hollywood. After their flight was forced to make an emergency landing, he worked with the airline to provide a convoy of vehicles to carry each passenger to their destination. Even riding along in one of the vans and using his cell phone to provide entertainment.

Actor Michael J Fox’s foundation will give $24 million in grants and for treatment and research of Parkingson’s.

Inspired by ‘The Little Free Library’, neighborhoods across America are helping the needy through a similar idea. ‘Little Free Pantries’ are popping up to provide a, ‘leave what you can and take what you need’, miniature food pantry.

 Researchers from the University of British Columbia believe they have devised a way to convert type A, B and AB blood to the universal O type blood.

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