100 Word Wednesday – Sally Jo…

She was a drab forty something in fuzzy pink house slippers and tights that made her ass look like the surface of the moon. A big flesh colored moon showing all the ridges, mountains and craters. Her thin tie-dyed t-shirt was a size too small and revealed the dark nipples hiding beneath it. She lit a joint and coughed the smoke into the space that separated her from the world. A woman stuck in the 1960’s while life moved on without her.

But Phillip will forever tell the story of how, at 17, a beautiful Greek goddess brought him manhood.

8 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday – Sally Jo…

  1. There is always more to everyone’s story, isn’t there. Things we don’t know and understand, and the unseen that leads us to forming an opinion or judgement that is often the furthest from the truth.
    Love how clever this is written ❤️

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  2. Excellent write, Jerry!

    Yes, we must remember everyone had a life before today. And that life can be hard on people.

    I’ve heard of families who placed photos beside the bed of a dying senior adult…just to show the caregivers, docs, nurses, etc., what that person looked like when they were younger. Hoping they would see them more as a person who lived, loved, laughed, etc…and not just as a dying elderly body.

    HUGS to you and your wife!

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