Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings – “If’n it appears too good to be true, you’re probably better off just leaving it alone.”

You know youngen’s, and this goes for you old folks that should know better by now, sometimes in life people can try to sell us the darndest things. Some of them is easy to spot right off but sometimes they’s hidden sneaky like and you have to really use your noodle to figure ‘em out. Anyone with a lick of sense aught a know that there aint no Prince of Zimbabwe gonna give us hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Revenuers aint gonna call up on the telephone threatening to put your government checks on hold if’n you don’t give them all your private information right away. I mean for criminity sakes, when has the government ever given any warnings about a certain thing. They just do it and leave it to you to figure out what happened.

Now that reminds me of this here story I read once.

Well it seems that there was this couple that was fixin’ to have a double whammy celebration. They was getting ready to celebrate 40 years together and a making plans for retirement. So the night before there big tadoo this Fairy Godmother shows up at the house and tells them she would grant them one wish a piece. So the wife gets to thinking that she knows all about how fairies are trickster folk and can turn your words around on you. She finally tells this Fairy Godmother, “I want two first class tickets for a world cruise with all expenses paid, and the right to make any changes if at any time I don’t like the way things are working out.”

So to make a long story short, there was this big puff of pink smoke and lo and behold two tickets suddenly appeared right there in her hand. Well she starts a jumping up and down all happy as a clam in its shell from the wonderment of it all.

Now the husband, who was watching a baseball game on TV and not really paying much attention to what was a going on, sees the tickets and how happy his wife is and thinks to himself he aught to be able to cash in on this here deal. So he starts a getting all excited like and without thinking things through, jumps right up and exclaims that he wishes for a really hot wife who is 30 years younger than him to go on the cruise with.

So this fairy godmother a raises her wand and sends out these beams of light right at him and poof, his wife’s hair turns brown and her boobs lift up all perky like and all the wrinkles is gone but he is now 95 years old.

So listen to ole Aunt Sadie kids and make darn sure you know what it is you’re a wanting before you ask for it.

Til next time friends…

4 thoughts on “Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings – “If’n it appears too good to be true, you’re probably better off just leaving it alone.”

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