From My Journey (August 1968) – I’m Bored…

“Let me tell you when God created boredom he was thinking about this dinky ass podunk. It’s August the 15th and it must be a 100 degrees in the shade. There’s nothing to do but sweat, cuss and spit. I guess I can hope for a car to drive by, crash into the grain elevator and explode into flames. That might liven things up a bit. Maybe someone will make a wrong turn off the highway. Who am I kidding, there’s no reason for anybody to even drive by.

Now – Boredom means something different in this new century. If there’s not a new PlayStation game, a blockbuster movie, high speed internet, 300 channels on cable, or whatever technological shit our kids covet, then they’ll just go cry to us mommies or daddies and we’ll run right out and buy something just to shut them up. 

10 thoughts on “From My Journey (August 1968) – I’m Bored…

  1. When I was growing up, the words, “I’m bored” always prompted a lecture from my mother to the effect that I must learn to entertain myself because when I became a grown-up, other people would NOT entertain me.

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  2. Yes, true. And sad.
    Growing up, we were never bored…trees to climb, gardens to water, games to play, veggies and fruits to harvest, bikes to ride, dogs to play with, books to escape into, ETC! 🙂 We often had things we didn’t get around to doing that day…so we’d start the next day with that fun thing! Ha! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. The young kids say it’s because we didn’t have the technology back then so we didn’t know any better. But I think, when I was a child, if someone would have given me a smart phone, I still would have set it on the table and went outside to play.

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