Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings – A Word to the Wise…

Now ya’ll bare with me for a bit while I get serious about something. I don’t know how much your mommas has told you bout the birds and the bees and it aint none of my business. But I’ve been seeing way too much on the Google, the You Tube, the Facebook and such. Where all them girls prance around in front of everybody in nothing but their underwear. A doing something called the Twerk or what have ya.

Now, I aint no prude or anything like that there, cause I was young once myself. My Momma told us that dancing meant your hand on his shoulder and his just above your waist. Well I can tell you that Momma never heard of the twist or boogie woogie.

But even I gotta say that there comes a time when things goes a little too far. I know what yer fixen to say, “It’s my body and I can walk around in my underwear and pretending to have sex while singing any cuss words I want and no person should be having lewd thoughts.”

Well girlies, I’m here to tell you that that’s a bunch of horse shit on your morning toast. In real life, if’n you show everybody that you’re a bad girl then you’re going to be treated like a bad girl. If a guy was to walk around with his wooty hoos all a hangin out, they’d more n likely be arrested. Or molested. Let me tell you ladies, that what’s good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

Anyway, to make another long story short, you know what they say. Beauty is skin deep but bad runs clear down to the bone. And once you get a way of thinking stuck in a person’s head about you being a bad girl, aint no amount of persuading is going to change people’s minds.

Til next time friends…

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