Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings – Watering the past won’t grow the future…


Now mind you, I’ve been known to mosey on down memory lane a time or two my own self. Particularly when I begin to feel my age and start thinking about them that is no longer with us. I think that’s just fine cause we all need to remember where we come from in order to keep us on the road. So long as we as we keep heading the right way.

What I’m saying is there’s some folks that never seem to move forward. It’s like their stuck at the crossroads and couldn’t figure out which way to go so they just hunkered down right there.

There was a boy back in high school that was a good friend of mine. Boy and howdy doo was he a good looker and had arms as big as an ox’s leg. He had this chiseled jaw and I’m telling you, he could charm the socks right off your feet. You know the type, Quarterback on the football team, star pitcher in baseball and he was even a descent basketball player. Shooeey he was sure something else and not a one of us girls wasn’t hankering for a drive in movie with him. He ended up getting this fancy scholarship to go play football back east somewhere. Man was he uppity doo dah after that? Like he was too good for us small town girls.

Well, the summer before he left, him, David Rothman and Glenn Jenkins was out doing things that teenage boys aught not be doing and they ended the night with their 57 upside down in Bill Culvers drainage ditch. They all lived to tell about it, probably cause they was too blamed full of Jim Smith’s green beer that he brewed in the back of his hay barn. Exceptin Marvin tore the Hades out of his shoulder. Well weren’t no school gonna let him play after that.

So to make a long story short, Marvin just kind of gave up after that night. Now he works over at Carrington’s Sporting Goods and tells the stories about the ‘good ole days’ to anybody who’d listen. He spends his nights down at Pappy’s bar doing pretty much the same thing only with a Jim Beam and coke in his hand. Course, we aint never won no championship ever since that season 40 some ought years ago.

I tell you what though, talk about a pure waste of a hunk of a man. Cause now, instead of arms like an ox, he’s got a belly that looks more like a cow’s milk sac hanging over his belt buckle…sorry folk. I think I got stuck on one of those strolls that had me winding down the past for a second.

So anyways, to sum it all up, sometimes bad things happen and there aint a dab blame thing we can do about it. Except just let the past stay in the past and move on to something else.

Till next time my friends…

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