I’m back from the dry south lands.

Although you probably weren’t even aware that I had gone anywhere, last week my wife and I packed our duds in a bag, threw in a few bologna sandwiches and pointed the old Rambler south towards Salt Lake City, Utah. We left the comfort of our cozy, air conditioned house to go see our middle son receive his BS in Marketing. I don’t want to bore anyone with the details and we’ll just say that all went well and according to plan. We even managed to throw in a few side stops along the way.

The only real problem we faced besides the burning sun was my inability to use my so called ‘smart’ phone to keep up with everyone’s wonderful posts. It may be a smart phone but I guess it requires a smart person on the back side to use it properly.

Anyway, I returned home late last night and with the help of a sleepless night, I’ve tried my best to play some catch up. As of now, I believe I’m there. I’m looking forward to getting back on track.

16 thoughts on “I’m back from the dry south lands.

    1. He loved it. He was able to complete his 4 year degree in 15 months while holding down a full time position for the State of Montana. At the ceremony, there were a lot of mother/daughter and husband/wife combinations graduating. My sons class was the 20th year for Western Governors. They now have over 150,000 alumni and they are fully accredited in the United States.

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