Bugging out…

I’m not one of those guys that think we should be prepared for the end of the world. I mean, let’s face it, if aliens fall from the sky firing their disintegrating rays

or a hoard of zombie’s roam down main street in search of brains,

we won’t have a hell of a lot of places to ‘Bug out’ to. I’m referring to your average every day run-of-the-mill disaster. You know those pesky little things like earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, floods or blizzards.

This is a photo of a wildfire just a few miles from Helena Mt. Just to show you how quickly a disaster can happen, this fire grew from 100 acres to 2600 acres overnight.

Just to throw a few numbers at you to give you something to think about. So far this year, there have been 25,619 wildfires in the US, Over 12000 earthquakes, 1535 tornadoes, 13 named storms and five hurricanes. Not to mention the 1.94 million acres covered with flood water.

That’s why I always have a backpack filled with a few of the more important papers, a little cash and a first aid kit. A bag under the bed contains two days’ worth of cloths, bottled water and some canned tuna. I also have a plastic tote in the car that has some sand, an empty coffee can and some candles and a few blankets. Because in a Montana winter, 5 miles from town and on the main highway still might have you stranded for a few days in a blizzard.

Remember, I am not talking about surviving in the wild for months but just a few days in case of an unexpected evacuation. Of course, if you believe an asteroid the size of a school bus is going to collide with the earth and you will need to provide for your tribe during the apocalypse, then this list probably won’t cut it. So just type BUG OUT BAG into your favorite browser and you will get about 10,000 sites that will give you and entire list of everything you need. As for me, I believe if that happens, the best thing to do is tuck your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

17 thoughts on “Bugging out…

    1. We can only hope we never have to uses it, but it only takes some minimal effort to create and the the peace of mind in having one is well worth the effort. I wish I could help you with the cool air because the last week here has been more fall like than summer. Let’s hope it’s headed your way.

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  1. Been carrying a backpack filled with stuff since a young girl. I have Roma (Gypsy) blood and we believe that if we can’t carry our house on our back, we should have all the necessaries like a spoon and flint and change of clothes. I live in Florida so the hurricanes and tornadoes have become worse. Good post with important advice, Jerry! Thanks!

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      1. Keep your bug out bag close, heed all warnings, but above all don’t worry about what might come tomorrow. Live life to the fullest each day. That’s my wise ole saying by this old coot from Montana.


    1. You use it to store papers, small items like matches, lighters or protein bars in that you do not want to get wet or lost. You can put the lit candle in it to use as a stove, It can be used as a temporary shovel if needed. You can carry water in it if needed. It can even be used as a pan to boil in in an emergency. I guess I should have said to Just make sure you have one of the Folgers metal cans. Although the plastic ones will work for everything except the candles and boiling water.

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