Aunt Sadie’s Ponderings – “Scooby Doo told me to do it.”


Now I hear all the time about how people are gonna to make America great again. You want to know how we made America great in the first place…we got off our lazy hind ends and went to work. Hell, by the time my brother Harley was 19, he was in the Army, married and had a son. There weren’t no ‘safe’ places in college where grown men went to cry about how they didn’t get no café latte this morning. We didn’t buy no house that was twice as much as we needed and then whine about how we can’t make the payments. And we blame sure didn’t elect some ignoramus as president.
There’s only one sure thing in this here life and that’s if’n your lucky enough to get born, then sooner or later, you’re gonna be dying. There wern’t nobody there a holding your hand when you was rattling around in your mommas belly and there sure aint nobody gonna volunteer to walk along with you when you go meet your maker.
My point is, most times in this here life you just have to figure things out on your own. So tie up your Timberlands, roll up your sleeves and get yer ass out there and do it yerself.
It’s time you quit whining and crying about how cartoons made you want to kill people. Goodness gracious, if you can’t figure out that you can’t drop an anvil onto the head of Wiley and he gets up and walks away, that’s a pretty good sign that you never had anything upstairs to begin with.

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