Flash Friday – Quick to Forget

For a couple of weeks the phone calls and cards expressed sympathies. Then as suddenly as death itself, they stopped. For the next year, things reminded me of her; a favorite song on the radio or someone would cook a dish she liked. Now, I only remember her twice a year. On her birthday I tweet she would’ve been 104. I wish her a happy birthday in Heaven. As if they had birthdays in Heaven. On the anniversary of her death I post on Facebook how I miss her and quickly scroll on to the next newsfeed.
Oh look…tiny goats.

8 thoughts on “Flash Friday – Quick to Forget

  1. It’s funny how death affects each of us differently. It will be 4 years this December that I lost my mom. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. Some days the grief hits me & it’s as painful & crippling as it was the day I lost her. If not more so, I don’t think I truly grieved for myself for almost a year. I grieved for my dad, I hated seeing him so miserable without her. I know with time, the bouts of intense pain will lessen, but I think I will always have them. My mom still sobbed over the loss of her mother after 20+ years, & although I was just a child then, I still really miss my grandma, & think of her often.

    You’re absolutely right about the cards & phone calls. I always try to make a point to check up on friends & family weeks after the funeral of a loved one has passed. I know first hand how hard it is, watching the world continue on as if nothing has happened. People mean well, I know they do, but just like your title says, they are quick to forget.

    Nicely written, by the way! I didn’t really intend on writing a novel of a comment. Lol!

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    1. I know exactly where you are now. The great thing about being the 14th out of 15 children is that growing up there were always a lot of people around. The bad thing is now we are much older and I only have 5 siblings left. Most within the last ten years.


  2. Having had too many people in my life die…including both of my parents…I relate to everything you’ve shared here, Jerry.
    And I know our parents would want us to go on and remember them with smiles. 🙂 Live a good life…help others, etc., in their honor! 🙂


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