Flash Friday – A Dad Joke

There was a club across the river on old Hwy 224 outside Lexington. One of those picturesque country bars set back in the trees, neon Pabst Blue Ribbon sign in the window. A ‘good ole boy’ place where wives weren’t invited to go. I laughed every time I drove past it. The glow from the sign lit up the entire parking lot. Welcome to the ‘Peckerwood Club’. I told my dad once that I had never been there. He said, “Sure you have, you just never got out.” It was the first joke I heard him tell. I was 25.

3 thoughts on “Flash Friday – A Dad Joke

  1. My Dad was the emcee at a weekly Legion dance/party. He researched and told jokes all the time. The first I remember was when I was about 6. I still have a copy of a 65 year-old printed joke about the (new, then) rotary powered lawn mower. 😆

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