Still on the Road

Thanks again to all my wonderful friends on WordPress for your patience while I travel aimlessly around the western half of America. It’s been a great adventure so far. Our timing has been fortunate. We roamed the beaches of Coos Bay two days before the 6.3 Earthquake. Although they said it was far off land and could not be felt, It was still scary to think about.

We will now hook up with some family members and continue on with what I call ‘Phase Two’ of vacationing. Hoping that the Gods of Leisure and Vacations is still pleased and favors us with more perfect weather.

Thanks for putting up with me my friends and I will see you guys in another week.

14 thoughts on “Still on the Road

      1. Yes, that must have been quite a blast. Hopefully, we won’t see anything like anytime soon. All volcanoes are dormant, until they aren’t!

        I’m not sure how much time you have on your trip, but we enjoyed visiting some of the waterfalls, covered bridges and lighthouses between Crater Lake and the along the coast. I like lighthouses, my wife likes covered bridges, and we both like waterfalls.

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