Old people complain nowadays about how social media takes away a person’s privacy. They say that nothing is sacred or secret anymore. It’s too easy for anybody to voice their opinions by simply touching their finger to the glass screens of their artificial lives. As my mother would always tell us, “You don’t air your dirty laundry in public.”
But back in the day, if I farted on one side of town, she knew about it before the smell had faded away. And what is less secret than having your underwear flapping around in the wind for everybody to see.

12 thoughts on “Clotheslines…

  1. I do wonder if those posting yet more selfies of themselves wearing nothing more than a few triangles of Lycra will still be doing so in another twenty years … or whether they too will end up like the Katie Price’s of the world, sad and desperate … am I too cynical for words?!

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