How do determine who to vote for in the 2020 elections.

Vote for Trump if…

  • You think the way to make America great is to belittle the leaders of other countries and then try to demand that they do what you say.
  • You think that keeping condoms out of schools will keep teenagers from having sex.
  • You think Jesus shares your hatred of homosexuals, Hispanics, Muslims, Native Americans, women, Chinese, Koreans, Germans, Italians, Puerto Ricans, scientists, democrats, newspapers and poor people.
  • You think a woman can’t be trusted with the decisions about her own body but multi-billion dollar insurance companies can dictate how all Americans are treated.
  • You think that the way to solve poverty is by letting people keep more of their minimum wage.
  • You think, “Clean air…it looks clean to me”.
  • You think Global Warming is something the Democrats made up in order to scare people.
  • You think, “We could just bomb the damn thing.”
  • You think that Jesus was a capitalist and opposed welfare.
    You think that you need ten assault rifles just in case a bear invades your home.
  • think people are fleeing their impoverished countries where they are subject to rape, slavery or murder just so they could come to America to join a street gang and be on welfare.
  • You think that people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps even though they can’t afford to buy shoes.
  • You believe that it is all fake news.

Vote Democratic if…

  • You believe that Obama should be on Mt. Rushmore.
  • You still have a bumper sticker on your Prius that says, “Hillary for President.”
  • You can’t talk about foreign policy without using the word collusion.
  • After looking at your paystub, you can still say, “Americans will have to be willing to sacrifice for the greater good of everyone.”
  • You keep a record of how many people you know in each racial, ethnic or sexual orientation category.
  • You think that thousands of loggers can be without a job so some spotted owl can keep its tree.
  • You still expect to collect Social Security when you get old.
  • You think ‘Free Market’ is any store that will take food stamps.
  • One of your high school yearbook goals was, “Helping people.”
  • Your high school yearbook listed you as, “Most likely to become a Vegan.”
  • You faithfully read ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’.
  • You firmly believe that a 95% flat tax will solve everything.

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