Intolerable – 100 Word Fiction

When my friend opens her mouth, hatred and ugliness comes flying out. I look at my wife who mirrors my quizzical expression and we wonder how one person could hate everything so much? True, she’s not rich, but certainly not poor either. She isn’t an ugly woman. She has a loving husband, nice children and a few wonderful grandchildren.
Perhaps age is creeping into her mind and she’s feeling mortal.
Has she been angry for so long that it just seems normal or does she just enjoys being angry.
I have to wonder, does she care that she’s becoming intolerable?

17 thoughts on “Intolerable – 100 Word Fiction

  1. I often wonder that too when I meet people like that. A lot of times hateful people don’t realize that when they are hateful, they receive hate back, and it becomes a vicious cycle. They never even realize that they are creating their own sad/hateful existence.

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  2. So sad. 😦 Sometimes what comes forth from a person’s mouth is because the person is feeling sad, scared, insecure, hated, etc., on the inside…she might be feeling that way about herself or she thinks others see her that way. ??? I think it would be good to sit her down and try to talk about what’s going on with her.

    Then sometimes people are like that just because they are just that way. 😦

    I have a friend like that, and sadly everyone has “stepped away” from her. I’ve hung in there. For every complaining, ugly, etc, thing she says, I try to counter it with something positive, beautiful, encouraging. Sometimes that helps and sometimes it just makes her cut our conversation short. Ha.
    I’ve tried to get her to see the positives in life, and in her life.

    I had another friend like that (He has since passed away). If I walked up to him and said, “It’s a beautiful day! And look at that blue sky!” …he’d respond back, and then I’d walk away going, “Hmm…maybe it’s not a beautiful day and the sky is not blue.” Ha! But I keep reinforcing positives to his negatives and it helped him.

    I think we have to decide…can we help…or is this person’s negativity hurting us…so we chose to stay or to go. Sometimes we have to back away from toxic people.

    PS…sorry for my long comment.

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  3. She has every right to speak her truths…but so do you. Silence only enables people like this – I know because I’m related to two of them, and I spoke MY truths. They haven’t changed their ways by any means, but when we all end up at the same gatherings, their toxicity isn’t on display. They’re actually pleasant. 😉😊

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