They just don’t make them like they use to…

A friend and I were talking the other day and the subject came up about shoddy workmanship in the products we buy nowadays. He was upset because he had to upgrade his phone again. I know it’s easy to place the blame onto the modern day worker or the fact that so much of our consumer product comes from China or Vietnam. But I don’t think the blame that can be put on the workers themselves. I believe the blame lies on the shoulders of the todays
You see, back in the old days, our grandfathers and even our parents had to scrimp and save every penny, sometimes for years to purchase things like cars, houses, televisions or air conditioners. They demanded that the items they bought were of quality construction because they knew that they probably would never buy another one. But with us, even if they did build an item to last a lifetime, we would still want to trade it in every few years because we are always on the lookout for the next best thing. Nothing pleases us more than to be able to use the excuse that the one we have is broken. We can complain about it on the outside but on the inside we give a little smile.
So can we blame a company for knowing that if they make a product that has to be replaced or upgraded every few years means more cha-ching in their pockets? After all, we get what we ask for.

19 thoughts on “They just don’t make them like they use to…

      1. Montana is filled with people that think it is their right to do whatever they please. Some examples…Our former govener still carried his pistol everywhere he went. Dogs are allowed in any store and the former govener would have his dogs paw print stamped on any bill he signed. We had a congessional race where the candidates fired weapons at a TV with the other candidates commercial on it. You can drive if you have had no more than 3 beers in an hours time.(not legally)


    1. The way technology changes so quickly, things are obsolete before we have a chance to buy them off the shelf. But generally, If I find something I am happy with, I will keep it until it falls apart. I have shirts in my closet that are twenty years old and I will wear them until they fall apart.

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  1. True, for sure!
    In the 1980’s, a friend had an old washing machine that had just had a new engine put in it and then they sold it to us cheaply. They had it for 20+ years. We had it for another 15+ years. One day it started leaking and the repair guy looked it over and said, “Wow! This is a very old machine and it’s all rusted out underneath. So you’ll need to buy a new washer.”
    I told him the history of it, and how old it was, and then he said, “Just know…the new machine you buy now will NOT last as long as this one did!”
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Empathize with you and loved reading this post.
    I can honestly say that when devices fail these days, it is a different technology that is under the hood, and not one that can be fixed using wire, solder or screws. I have always been the first to try and fix before buying new, being born in 1934.


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