Hey man, I wonder what’s at the botttom of the gene pool?

Photographs captured from Facebook

I know, I need to quit harping about how stupid people are, but every time I try, they go and do something even more idiotic. Like the rash of asshats lately in our National parks. A few weeks ago, some dude tried to pet a bison…on the face. Another couple grabs a baby bison from the side of the road and shoves it into their vehicle because they thought it was lost and yet another drunk-ass moron tried to pick a fight with a bison right in the middle of the road. Last week, I read about an incident where these two bull elk were fighting each other and about fifty people gathered around them to take pictures. After the battle, one elk walks away from the fight and these dingbats just keep standing there clicking their cell phones. I’ll tell you, they got a pretty good picture as that elk tossed one of those brain dead morons a couple of yards. The most recent escapade was these two numb nuts that get off the path and walk up to an active geyser and lean over the opening so they could take a picture of the inside. They got arrested for trespassing, which is much better than they deserve…my vote would have been to let them get steamed alive when it erupted. But even the actions of these brain dead morons didn’t even come close to the level of stupidity I saw in the comments of one of the digital newspapers reporting it. Check out what this idiot had to say about it.
“So you’re telling me that now I can’t even go wherever I want in my State Park, yay for freedom.”

27 thoughts on “Hey man, I wonder what’s at the botttom of the gene pool?

  1. Yes, amazing, scary and sad! But, what upsets me even more is THEY procreate, drive, vote, etc! 😮 😮 😮
    When it comes to how they act around animals, it really disturbs me, because the animals are just being animals and the humans get themselves into trouble and then sometimes the animals get put down. 😦
    Important and timely post, Jerry!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed. Just so they can post something new on their instagram page. Of course, no one seems to care that the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. I guess I shouldn’t expect them to care if they destroy an eco system.


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