100 Words of Fiction – If Only I Could be Young Again

My parents used to tell me that someday I’d wish to be a child again. I thought they were a bit senile. Who would want to live a life with no TV, cell phone or Facebook again? Who wants to fish in clean water, breathe unpolluted air, or play in the middle of the street without harm? Who needs to sleep through a quiet night and wake up refreshed? Who needs simplicity, friends …family? Why would I want to hug my father and mother or tell my brothers and sisters I love them?
“Not me,” said the ignorance of youth.

11 thoughts on “100 Words of Fiction – If Only I Could be Young Again

  1. Yes, they were so right! There are so many things about my youth that I miss so much…especially so many people.
    But, there are things I’m glad I don’t have to do-over!
    Anyways, I think you can relate to this, MyFriend…inside I am still that kid and I’m glad that kid is still there! 😉 😀 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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      1. Life wasn’t perfect, but I was blessed with a fun childhood. My parents, my eight siblings and me…in a big old noisy house where someone was always pranking someone. My dad would yell two rooms away for us to “tone it down in there” while Mom tried to muffle her laughter. We even had that hideous green-plaid “Brady Bunch” furniture. 😀 Lived across the street from a cemetery and had a ghost in the basement named George. Okay, okay, it was actually the hot water pipes, but our timid cousins from Chicago didn’t know that. 😀 😀 😀 Good times!

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