What’s Going on Tomorrow…10/12/2019

Dad Joke of the Day: I used to be afraid of hurdles, but I eventually got over it.
Quote of the Day: “If you leave your spouse alone too long, they just might get used to the idea.”

Today in History: The New World was “discovered” this day in 1492 when land (most likely San Salvador) was sighted in the Caribbean from the Pinta, one of the three ships that participated in Christopher Columbus’s historic voyage.
Persistence matters:
• His first voyage into the Atlantic Ocean in 1476 nearly cost him his life as the commercial fleet he was sailing with was attacked by French privateers off the coast of Portugal. His ship was burned and Columbus had to swim to the Portuguese shore.
• Columbus devised a route to sail west across the Atlantic to reach Asia, believing it to be a distance of only 2300 miles between the Canary Islands and Japan. Despite many of his contemporary nautical experts adhering to the (now known to be accurate) second-century B.C. estimate of the Earth’s circumference at 25,000 miles, which made the actual distance between the Canary Islands and Japan about 12,200 statute miles.
• Columbus’s plan was rejected by Portugal, Genoa, Venice and Spain. While working for Spain he petitioned the court countless times from 1486 until they finally agreed in 1492 to finance his expedition.
• Upon his return, he lied about exaggerated his reports about the success of the expedition.
• Columbus enslaved the natives to rebuild the city of Navidad which had been destroyed.
• His expeditions for riches in gold resulted in very small amounts ever being found.
• After his 3rd expedition failed to yield any profit, he was returned to Spain in chains to face the Royal Court.
• He convinced the court to give him one more chance. But on his final expedition, he shipwrecked along the coast of Cuba and was stranded from 1502 until his rescue in1504.
• On his death bed, Columbus still believed that he had discovered Asia.
And here we thought that meteorologist were the only people who became popular for always being wrong.

Born on This Day: 1537 – Edward VI – King of England and Ireland. Edward VI took the throne after his father’s (Henry VII) death in 1547 He was 9 years old.. He was the first monarch to be raised as a Protestant. During his reign, because he had never reached maturity, the realm was governed by a council and was marked by economic problems and social unrest. Edward VI took great interest in religious matters and oversaw the transformation of the Church of England into a Protestant body. Edward VI died in 1553, he was 15. Before his death, he named Lady Jane Grey (The 9 day queen) as his heir.

Died on This Day: 1998 – Fort Collins, Colorado – Matthew Shepard – American college student, several days after being beaten by two men and left in the cold outside Laramie, Wyoming to die. Shepard’s homosexuality was believed to have motivated the attack, and his death contributed to the expansion of federal hate-crime legislation.

Savings Day – In 2017, Capital One founded National Savings Day to empower people to feel more confident about their relationship with money by educating them on how saving money can be a simple, straightforward experience that fits more naturally into their lives and existing behaviors. It is estimated that 6 out of every ten American do not have $500 in savings for an emergency.

Freethought Day – I could tell you what to do to celebrate this day but that would not be free thinking.

Gumbo Day – Gumbo is a heavily seasoned, stew-like dish that typically consists of a strongly flavored stock, meat or shellfish, a thickener and seasoned vegetables, generally the “holy trinity’ of Cajun food – celery, bell peppers and onions.
Originating in southern Louisiana during the 18th century Gumbo arose from a West African word for okra, which many believe is how the name and the ingredient also intertwined. Gumbo is thought to have been first documented in 1802 and was listed in various cookbooks in the latter 19th century. It gained widespread popularity in the 1970s when the United States Senate cafeteria added Gumbo to the menu in honor of Louisiana Senator Allen Ellender. Gumbo is the official cuisine of the state of Louisiana. Since 1989, New Iberia, Louisiana has held The World Championship Gumbo Cook-Off.

This one is for my wife who is a crochet-aholic.
I Love Yarn Day is celebrated on the Second Saturday in October and embraces the opportunity to share your craft with someone new. Teach someone to knit, crochet, weave or enjoy any yarn craft. Explore the variety of yarns, their vibrant colors, their soft textures, and warm tones. Expose your stash to the daylight and break out the scissors. Needles optional!

10 thoughts on “What’s Going on Tomorrow…10/12/2019

  1. I love the idea of I love Yarn Day – I crochet or knit all the time – Not ALL the time, but as in always having a project on the go. I did know a lady who would never go anywhere without her knitting. One tiny point – you left a 1 out – it was Henry V111 – Henry the eighth who broke away from the catholic church to get his way, but perhaps it would have happened anyway as Germany was also becoming enlightened. Edward must have ben a clever lad to achieve what he did in his short life.

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