Another Flash of Life – He wasn’t a superman…

A 100 word story

My friend would sit quietly in the corner and talk to himself when he only drank beer; nicest guy you ever met. A bottle of wine would have him shouting obscenities at passersby for reasons unknown. He might walk naked into the police station after a night of tequila. Once, Jim Beam sent him staggering down Highway 24 to do hand to hand combat with a moving semi-truck. Later he walked away from the altercation on two broken legs, a broken arm and 3 broken ribs. My friend died alone in his apartment last night after 60 days of detox.

16 thoughts on “Another Flash of Life – He wasn’t a superman…

  1. I’m so very very very sorry to hear this! 😦 A tragedy. 😦
    Thank you for being his friend, Jerry.
    There are many we people we see day to day that need a smile, a kind word…just knowing they are seen or have a friend can be so important.

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