What’s Going on Tomorrow…11/03/2019

The information contained in this post was gleaned from various websites or is available from many public domain sources and in many cases the original author is unknown. I make no claim to ownership or rights.

Dad Joke of the Day: Want to hear a pizza joke? Never mind, it’s too cheesy.
Quote of the Day: “Some of the mightiest river started as a small of streams.”

November 3rd in History:
– Germany’s Reich rejected a US request of $2, 967,092 for the torpedoing of the US freighter “Robin Moor”.
– The Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean were transferred from British to Australian sovereignty.
– China announced the discovery of a previously unknown section of the Great Wall. The 25km section is in the Ning Xin province about 700km from Beijing.
– The US Department of Commerce showed that the sale of new cars and trucks for October had fallen 32% compared to October of 2007.

November 3rd is National…
-Housewife’s Day
-Sandwich Day
-Daylight Savings Time Ends (First Sunday in November)

8 thoughts on “What’s Going on Tomorrow…11/03/2019

    1. My wife and I visited there several years ago. We had a great time. I live just miles away from the headwaters of the Missouri. In contrast to the Mississippi, the Missouri begins where three rivers (Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin) merge into one. The Missouri actually runs from south to north up to Great Falls and then turns eastward.


  1. I snorted-laughed at the joke. And, yes, snort-laughing is also cheesy. 😀
    The quote is beautiful and an important reminder!
    What interesting history for today!
    As for the Celebrations for today…What magickmermaid and you said made me laugh! 😛
    HUGS and Happy Sandwich eatin’! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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