Meet me on the Moon

Now for some good news that we might have missed

it ain’t no riot or pandemic so maybe didn’t make your list

For the first time in History a commercial craft flew to space

bringing humanity back into the great race

Though still bogged down with government oversight

cause we all know ‘Red Tape’ can be such a delight

We will see ‘Hitch a ride’ programs where we can buy

a ticket for luxury cruises to take us out past the sky

To hotels and eateries up there on the moon

and apartment complexes that’ll be coming soon

An outer space vacation package up in the stars

I’ll think I’ll wait and take mine on Mars

Just think of the significance of this historic day

when to all of our grand-kids we can proudly say

I remember on one planet we lived out our life

it was so filled with hate, war, hunger and strife

But we overcame those problems back when we learned

that if we only give love, we’ll only get love in return

15 thoughts on “Meet me on the Moon

  1. Nice to see you back again, Jerry.
    Just so you know, I did sit in England and watch that first commercial flight take off. Highly trained staff I would say. 🙂
    Well, I believe there are already some bookings … not for standard income folks as yet.


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