~ Racism ~


When the long arm of the law

belongs to an assassin

and protests alone

can bring no satisfaction

is the only choice left

to have a violent reaction


Bloods running hot

it’s beginning to boil

and the president’s

words are like fuel oil

to nourish the flames

and add to the turmoil


From a bunker he cries

“Shoot em all dead”

“They’re just thugs”, he lies

“Can’t let them live”

“They’re not rich or white”

“They’ve nothing to give”


An inept congress

is so indecisive

they can’t make a move

without the advice of

the business man

waiting for better prices


Respect for our brothers

has long gone away

It’s so easy for us

to look the other way

when racism slips

into the fray


Hell, into the fray

it didn’t have to slip

It busted through

with an unsuspected pip

and grabbed at the throat

with a vise-like grip


So now the streets

are exploding

fires are raging

bullets are loading

one small spark

could send bodies floating


Can we all step back

just for a bit

let cooler heads

make sense of it

before the whole world

turns to shit





Let’s do our part

at the ballot booth

Where we can finally

learn the truth

if there’ll be a nation

left to give our youth

13 thoughts on “~ Racism ~

  1. Well written Jerry, honestly mate, so sorry for America with a fool and clown as president. from 2016 even as an Australian, i hate how that incompetent fool and his mafia family have ruined what was once a beacon (albeit with flaws, like us all) to the free world. Now that free world is hanging onto what is left without America as it has been. it makes me proud that aussie people are protesting peacefully in solidarity. Mate, we are just as bad for how we have treated first Australians, if trump were here i wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. Sorry mate, peace and love.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Good to see your return, Jerry. What a shame it took such peace-threatening events to mark your return (unless I have missed others). I hope your wish for a change in leadership of your magnificent country happens and can bring about a true greatness.

        Liked by 1 person

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